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the case. and i will tell you that i did hear from many of my constituents that knew that this is a situation in the castro, but did ask me to support this legislation because they do not particularly appropriate in our tors neighborhoods, in fisherman's wharf, in the heart of my district, in chinatown, in -- neighborhood and family oriented districts, in nob hill so for those reasons i will be supporting this legislation. i think that the discussion has been a very good one. and i do not think that this7y%ç legislation will somehow end the spirit that we all love about our city and what is special about our city. but i do think that this is an appropriate measure. and to address the suggestion that somehow this is a more trivial concern i agree with
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supervisor wiener, we consider thousands of measures every year and some of them deal with very profound circumstances facing our city. others deal with the potholes. and what's happening on the street corner, and what we're hearing from our parents. us to address those issues large and small and again that is why i will be supporting this measure. >> supervisor campos: thank you. supervisor olague. >> supervisor olague: i'm just going to mention that i receive e-mails all the time with people that are upset that there are homeless people in the neighborhood. i probably get more e-mails protesting that than just about anything and i would be the last person to ever legislate banning homeless people from certain parts of the city. so
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and so i'm still trying to understand what is so unique and so different about what's happened that we need this now, even though for all these decades that has not been the case. and the second point is i want
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to be very clear. i don't know that anyone is saying taking care of the little things that happen in a neighborhood are not important. those things are what make the life of a neighborhood work. the pothole is as important as any piece of legislation because it is critical to the daily life of that individual. but what we are saying is that if i have a pothole in my neighborhood, i am not going to come to the board of supervisors, and pass citywide legislation to address it. the question is whether or not this legislation, this citywide ban, is the best way to deal with this serious situation. some of us question whether or not it is. and so that's the difference. but to say that somehow that means that we don't care about the nuts and bolts of what happens in a neighborhood, that is not the case. it's simply how you address it. >> president chiu: colleagues, any further discussion? madam clerk, please call the roll. >> clerk calvillo: on item 32 as amended, supervisor avalos,
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no. supervisor campos, no. president chiu, aye. supervisor chu, aye. supervisor cohen, aye. supervisor elsbernd, aye. supervisor farrell, aye. supervisor kim, no. supervisor mar, no. supervisor olague, no. supervisor wiener, aye. there are six ayes and five nos. >> president chiu: this ordinance is passed on the first reading. afternoon. welcome back to the san francisco board of supervisors meeting of tuesday,
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november 20, 2012. can we have order in the chambers please. thank you. madam clerk, let's go to item 33. >> clerk calvillo: item 33, an ordinance amending the administrative code to extend the sunset date of the public utilities revenue bond oversight supervisor farrell. >> supervisor farrell: thank you. colleagues, this is an ordinance extending the puc aback to 2016. and i wanted to -- i have circulated previously an amendment to this, a non-substantive amendment ensuring that there is no gap in coverage of the rback between january and the new effective date of this legislation. so i ask that we adopt the amendment and would ask for your support in adopting this ordinance. thank you. >> president chiu: supervisor farrell made a motion to that, seconded by supervisor chu. any objection?
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without objection the amendment passes. on the underlying ordinances as amended, roll call. >> clerk calvillo: on item 33 as amended, supervisor avalos, aye. supervisor campos, aye. president chiu, aye. supervisor chu. aye, supervisor cohen, aye. supervisor elsbernd, aye. supervisor farrell, aye. supervisor kim, aye. supervisor mar, aye. supervisor olague, aye. supervisor wiener, aye. there are 11 ayes. >> president chiu: the ordinance is passed on first read. colleagues why don't we take up our 4 pm special order which should take one minute. should take one minute. would you callv3 hearing of persons interested in the department of public works dated august 9, 2012 approving a parcel map converted through 1101 through 03 dolores street.
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item 35, item 36 is a motion disapproving the department of public works decision and item 37 is a motion directing the clerki!( ÷1 to prepare finding. >> president chiu: let me recognize the district 8 supervisor in whose( d district this appeal is occurring. supervisor wiener. >> supervisor wiener: thank you. the appellants have withdrawn their appeal so i move to table items 34 through 37. >> supervisor chiu: supervisor wiener has stated that the appeal has been withdrawn and he's making a motion to move forward items 35 and table 36. >> supervisor wiener: one moment.
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>> supervisor wiener: so, mr. president, my apologies. we would technically then be affirming the tentative parcel map. so i would make a motion, subject to public comment, to move item 35, and to table items 36 and 37, and thereby affirm the grant of the. = tentative parcel map. >> president chiu: supervisor wiener's made a motion as he's described. seconded by supervisor chu. is there any public comment on these items related to this tentative parcel map appeal? seeing none, public comment is closed. on the motion to approve the tentative parcel map and table the remaining items, his can we do that same house same call? without objection the motion passes. why don't we go to 3:30 special commendations. i think our first will be offered by supervisor kim.
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>> supervisor kim:qjp(p thank y, president chiu. actually i was -- to the commendations so we could let our awardees know. but i did want to invite our housing inspection division of the department of public inspection to come up here. and they are here. you can applaud in advance. it's okay. it's a great thing to recognize, regardless of the specific issue that is today, but here at the board i just want to take a moment to recognize the incredible work that this team does here in our city. butt]( r÷ specifically in the tenderloin neighborhood, which i represent, over the last three years housing inspection division of dbi have worked on a total of 24 cases regarding substandard living conditions at 245 leavenworth and apartment
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building whose residents have been forced to endure serious housing and health safety code violations. the tenants there had no heat, they experienced water damage, sewage leaks, rusted through stairs, electrical hazard, infestation, a broken elevator, problem floors, doors, windows, stoves, sinks, bath toilets, showers and aharm systems. the housing division cited 423 violations of the san francisco housing code in this one building and issued 20 notices of vielsz, 14 orders of abatement on the title of the property and fined the owners 42,800. this department took a leadership role by referring, supporting, and financing the litigation through the city attorney's office against the property owner which finally resulted in a settlement of $135,000 in civil penalties. and we also know that similarly that a similar instance like
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this happened also in district 10 and supervisor molina cohen's district as well. i think many of us came into the work of public service to fulfill the government's mission in areas like this, to ensure that we are really protecting, defending our most vulnerable residents, and helping property owners to follow the law. and so this particular case of september 12 of this year, all the violations have been corrected and the building has been restored to a livable state for 48 families that reside on this property. so i want to take this time and acknowledge the members of our city family that actually make this happen. we can legislate law. we can talk about building code. but there are people that actually go out there and make that law reality for the residents here in san francisco. so i want to thank rosemary, james, james, david, and allen davidson. we want to recognize you today
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for your outstanding work protecting the basic living conditions of 48 san francisco families living at 245 leavenworth over the last three years. thank you for your leadership in abating 423 housing code+nc'p violations and restoring the building to a livable state for the residents. the board of supervisors extend its highest commendation and appreciation. thank you very much. >> supervisor, thank you very much for taking the time to thank the staff individually. frequently departments, in trying to get press releases out to give the public and the press core information on these types of efforts don't always have the opportunity to thank the specific efforts of the staff so i have a heart felt thanks to my inspectorses to david, to allen, jamie and others that
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have helped get this job done. also we couldn't get this done without the support of director huey and our commission, because as a few supportive department able to refer and finance these types of efforts. and i want to thank you, supervisor kim, for your leadership and the rest of the board. when we come to you every year for our cost recovery so that we can extend these code enforcements efforts, we really appreciate that support so that we can continue to preserve that precious housing stock that we have so that it's affordable,sjñ safe, and functional. thank you. >> i want to say that, in following the last hearing, it was -- they were a bit jittery about not wearing a tie. so if they -- james, why don't you come up and say something. and then david. >> basically, i mean i wasn't
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really expecting this at all. i do this because it's a passion. i just feel that if you pay rent, you should have a habitable space to live in. when you see these condition jb. it's just my job to make sure they do what a landlord should be doing. and i just wanted to also emphasize that really, there's a lot of good landlords out there, and these particular ones that make these other landlords look bad, it's just good to get on them and make sure they do what they have to do and what they should do. nobody should go into your basically practically robbed just because there were drug dealers or whatever at your doorstep. and that was the condition in i just like doing my job and it's just my job. you for recognizing this. it's just my job. i enjoy it. thank you. >> i also want to take the time
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recommendation and commendation. but i also really want to say thanks to our clerical staff. i don't think they get enough recognition. they do a grunt of a lot of our work. i just want to say thank you and we'll be out there enforcing the code. >> david is a bit shy, but he also is the housing inspector that's assigned to city attorney task force cases so he does a lot of detailed work. another thing i would be remiss in not acknowledging that this is a collaboration with other city agencies as well. so yvonne mara and deputy city attorney jerry -- work closely with us and we commend their efforts on this as well. thank you, supervisors. supervisors, thank you. p.( #e
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>> president chiu: thank you to our dbi staff. why don't we go to our next commendation which will be provided by our district 5 colleague, supervisor olague!qj. >> supervisor olague: i didn't -- i have another month here so i didn't want to leave without acknowledging some of the folks that play a critical folks who live in public
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housing. most of these people, they work really hard, and some of them work outside of their job, donate their resources, and it's just pretty amazing, the level of commitment many of these individuals have to others. and i just wanted to make sure that members of the public also this society where sometimes it's easy to become kin cal there are still -- cynical there are people who give of themselves just out of the kindness of theirigihae heart, . and it pretty amazing. so today i'm taking the opportunity to recognize a team of people that have worked very diligently to improve the conditions of public housing. i think it is incredibly important to recognize those that fly under the radar, but do extraordinary work to serve the public. i would like to ask housing
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authority staff, and i'm glad you guys are up here now, marshall,v,'(⌞ç philip, pamela,d will staff person leland, and newly elected plaza east tenant association martha. over the past several months, i have worked closely with staff and residents of the housing authority sites that quee that e have in district 5, whether programming community spaces, or connecting folks to mental health services, the group here today has gone above and beyond to be community builders for the residents of public housing. most recently the staff teamed with good will to get residents involved in the intensive job readiness program and 75% of the participants are public housing residents, with over half of the class coming from robert pitts,
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which is a development in district 5. these numbers arer ñ incredibld show how hard folks are working to empower public housing residents and move them forward to financial stability and economic success. i'm going to read just a little bit about each of you, and then if you can all make a comment just about who you are, or what motivates you, whatever. we have marshall johnson, supporting individuals and families in pursuit of self-sufficiency is marshall john's passion. since 2009, mr. johnson has excelled as an eligibility worker for the san francisco housing authority by bringing jobs, educational, health, and other resources to public housing residents in the western addition. building on 15 years of experience and humility gained as counselor for juvenile strives to go above and beyond
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duties as house staff for the housing development. he embraces daily challenges faced by public housing residents by bringing encouragement, opportunity and resources with the goal of helping representative residentr lives. philip came to the u.s. from hong kong when he was a teenager. he attended george washington high school and worked as a youth counselor for the mayor's office summer youth program. he was a vista volunteer with the california youth authority before joining the san francisco housing authority?hp$k in '78. he holds a banc bachelor's degre from san francisco state university. he's a member of board of directors for self-help of the elderly. pamela, earned a injuries doctor and a public law certificate from the university of san francisco school of law and became a member of the state bar of california in 2010.
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she chaired the student bar association diversity committee, nationally recognized with the american bar association henry j. ramsey jr. award towards advancement of diverse individuals. pamela also earned a bachelor of arts at the university of california at davis. leland reuben was born and raised in san francisco, where he first developed a strong passion for working with l÷pápñ community. he currently oversees the intensative job readiness and works with the housing authority to help residents overcome barriers and develop workforce skills that help secure full time employment. prior to joining good will mr. reuben worked at the san francisco sheriff's department as director of the new violence alliance. and finally, martha hollands a graduate of balboa high school and a former student of city
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college with an aa degree in child development she has been a volunteer worker for 15 years. she is very passionate about student rights and organized the black student union at both balboa and mission high schools. she is a true leader of our community having been a vocal advocate for residents of holly court and plaza east. she has been a strong voice for residents and was recurrently elected president of the plaza east tenant association. it is with pleasure that i say congratulations to you and wanted to mention that ms. hollands is a minister in training. so that being said, if you'd all like to say a few words about your work, that would be great. >> i want to suably say thank you and i really appreciate it. i work for the san francisco housing authority. i'm a eligibility worker at the robert pace development. been a team effort. for the last three or four months really appreciate your
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help over there because you came down there, you walked around, you see that the tenants met with everybody and it really encouraged people and being an opportunity for jobs is like -- it's awesome. the tenants are happy. we have opportunities for families to have, you know, christmas, you know, a better christmas thise%( ;p year. and i really appreciate that and i really just want to thank you, amen. >> i'm property manager of -- i've been there for about three years. and earlier in the year, in this last shooting, killing peace so thank you for the use of -- to join us, not to -- jobs, and all my -- in the housing authority support. with all determine support what we care today. everybody. >> hi. i wanted to say thank you to the supervisor olague for recognizing us today and getting m[ all of you here.
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good will has afforded me the opportunity to go out into the economically challenged and provide opportunity for them to awaken their new future through employment. although we know there are many challenges that face those who passion is derived off being able to give them the ability to employment and empower themselves. so i want to thank you very much for this opportunity of recognizing this today. i thank you for your recognition. and i just wanted to say that i'm sure that my colleagues will agree with me in saying that it's not about us, it's about the work that we do in the community. and us moving if order to continue this great work. >> pamela, for the san francisco housing authority. thank you, supervisor olague.
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you are one of many officials -- or few officials who actually come on site and ask the representatives what they want and -- residents what they want and what they need. that in and of itself is what really encouraged staff to partner with community organization. thank you to good will for providing these opportunities to our residents, and thank you to our dedicated staff at robert pitt. they worked tirelessly. i want to acknowledge my parents who are in the audience who have inspired me to pursue a career in public service. my father is a vietnam and gulf war veteran and my mother is a public servant of the alameda county.
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>> president chiu: that concludes our commendations for today. colleagues why don't we move to the rest of our calendar to our please call item 38. >> clerk calvillo: item 38 was considered by the government audit and oversight committee at a special meeting on november
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19, 2012 and afforded to the -- forwarded to the board, muni to prioritize funding for vehicle maintenance and purchase in light of deteriorating muni services. >> president chiu: supervisor wiener. >> supervisor wiener: i always pick the easy ones. thank you, mr. president. i introduced this resolution to highlight the critical importance for muni to maintain its vehicles and invest in its system. muni services has been deteriorating and that has to stop. muni is the life blood of san francisco, carries approximately 600,000 people a day and for many particularly low income working class peopleu and seniors muni is the only way to get around. given the critical importance of muni to our day-to-day life the voters in 1999 amended the city charter to declare muni's top priority is to provide reliable
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and convenient transit service to all neighborhoods. i'm sorry to say that muni mass not been fulfilling that voter mandate and we as a city -- and this subject about pointing -- isn't about pointing fingers, are responsible for this decline. we need to take responsibility for our decisions over the years and decisions we continue to make and the impacts of those policy decisions on muni. for decades, we, as a city, have underinvested severely in muni. there's always a reason for divertindiverting money away frm investing in the system. we can always think of great ideas for using muni maintenance, vehicle, and other operational money for a purpose other than makingsrñz muni more reliable. there's always a great reason and mo enthen gets converted and muni and thes'h2b8y riding publc suffer. it's now time to stop using muni money that can be used for maintaining and improving the system for things other than
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operations and reliability. we need to do this not tomorrow, not a year from now, but now. muni has 420 million in deferred maintenance on its fleet and we see the consequences of that number every day. we haven't purchased enough vehicles, and we have no backup vehicles when they break down."- when vehicles have broken down, we've been sloi to fix them, we fix them inadequately and sometimes they're not even fixed at all and they sit idle. we've significantly reduced our rehabilitation of vehicles including mid-life overhauls. we've switches signals and other infrastructure that are aging and failing. for the system. in august and september, muni's ontime performance was approximately 58%, over 600 runs were missed in the second half of october, riders of course see this in a lesyb ibt numerical y every day when there are gaps in service, when pp